Teaching Fields & Interests:

modern Europe, modern Germany, the modern world, fascism and Nazism, Holocaust history, global & transnational history, urban history and urbanism, politics of memory

Teaching Experience:

Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Greensboro ~ European Revolutions, 1789-1989 ~ Historiography
Instructor, School of Historical Studies, Tel Aviv University ~ Nazism and the City: Space and Ideology in the “Third Reich”
Teaching Assistant, Making of the Modern World Program, Eleanor Roosevelt College, UC San Diego ~ The Twentieth Century and Beyond, A Global History ~ Exploring the Modern World, 1750 to Present ~ Understanding the Pre-Modern World, the Universal Quest for Wisdom ~ New Ideas and Cross-Cultural Encounters, 1200 CE to 1750 CE ~ Classical and Medieval Traditions, 100 BCE to 100 CE
Grader, History Department, UC San Diego ~ Why Hitler? How Auschwitz ~ Modern Germany: From Bismarck to Hitler ~ Holocaust History as Public History

Teaching Award:

2013-14 Teaching Assistant "Rookie of the Year" award for my work in the Making of the Modern World program at UC San Diego

Comments from Student Evaluations
“I once felt really struggled taking this course since I am an International student; however, you made me feel so confident and willing to study hard for this course.” “I think your teaching style is really effective. I liked how you asked for feedback on how you were teaching and trying to accommodate with your students and what they wanted.” “She holds her students to a high standard but makes sure she's giving us the tools to achieve them.”
“Always came so prepared, was energetic and cared so much about her students. Teresa made me want to come to class every week.” “She gave very helpful, useful comments on our papers by providing both praise for our strong points and constructive ‘criticism’ for areas we could improve on; the positive comments were very encouraging. She's a reasonable and understanding person and teacher. The tips she provided for writing and reading analytically were very helpful, and she made sure to target issues that we had the most trouble with and not just random issues that we may not have been struggling with.”
“Teresa was always came prepared to section with activities like debates and group work in order to better understand the specific readings that should have been done by that section. She was very helpful and gave great feedback on the different writing assignments so I felt prepared to write my final essay.” “My TA did a really good job of incorporating the readings and discussing them further and looking at how those authors used evidence to support their claims, which showed us how we could use evidence to support our claim that we make in our papers.” “Section was very open and inviting. Environment allowed for not just debate or reviewing course material but for questioning and discussion. It provoked critical thinking.” “She was able to create a comfortable environment to speak to. She never talked down to any students and only tried to help us achieve the highest grades possible.” “I think Teresa did an excellent job at conducting section because she gave us background info we needed to know and let us do interactive activities to further our understanding of the information. Plus she gives back personal feedback on the essays which helps.” “She was engaging and discussed the material with great knowledge. She had us collaborate in groups with classmates to make sure we understood readings and lecture clearly. She was really nice and approachable. She had good visual aids during discussion. I liked how she relied and encouraged students to speak instead of being a one woman show. She was thorough in grading our papers and I think because of that my writing improved a lot.”