Articles & Chapters
Forthcoming “With an Iron Broom: Cleansing Berlin’s Bülowplatz of ‘Judeo-Bolshevism,’ 1933–1936,” accepted for publication in German History 40, no. 1 (2022).
Forthcoming “Kampf um Raum: The Raumwirtschaft & Spatial Hierarchies in the Theresienstadt Ghetto,” in Filmfragmente und Zeitzeugenberichte: Mythos und Soziologie des Ghettos und Durchgangslagers Theresienstadt , ed. Hans-Georg Soeffner, Marija Stanisavljevic, and Lara Pellner (Wiesbaden: Springer VS, expected 2021).
2020 "Just West of East: The Paradoxical Place of the Theresienstadt Ghetto in Policy and Perception,” Naharaim: Journal of German-Jewish Literature and Cultural History 14, no. 2 (December 2020): 243-264.
2019 “Navigating Shifting Terrain: Experiences of German Jews in the Nazi Public Sphere,” in Yad Vashem’s בשביל הזיכרון (On Memory's Path) 34, special issue on “Aspects of Space during the Holocaust” (December 2019), in Hebrew.

Book Reviews & Conference Reports
2020 Book Review: Jennifer Evans, Paul Betts, and Stefan-Ludwig Hoffmann, eds., The Ethics of Seeing: Photography and Twentieth-Century German History (New York: Berghahn, 2018), German Studies Review 43, no. 2 (May 2020): 413-415.
2015 Conference Report: “Germans in the Pacific World from the Late Seventeenth to Twentieth Century” (co-authored with Sky Johnston). German Historical Institute Bulletin. No. 57 (Fall 2015): 123-128.
2014 Book Review: Norbert Conrad, No Justice in Germany: The Breslau Diaries, 1933-1941, ed. Norbert Conrads, trans. Kenneth Kronenberg (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2012), in H-German, October 2014.
Additional Articles & Media
2020 "Ordinary Places: Reflections on Holocaust Topographies," Environmental History Now (August 2020).
2020 Podcast: "Berlin: Little Neighborhood, Big Politics," 90 Second Narratives (June 2020).
2019 "(Hidden) In Plain Sight: The Global Compromise on Queer Life in the Urban Public Sphere,” Activist History Review (June 2019).